Fluid Borders

Group Show, July 2019 at Audio Foundation, Auckland

Water Clock (Duration: Variable)

Fluid Borders aims to establish an inclusive platform that allows communication and collision between cultures and art fields. We hope to organise annual public art events which showcase music and contemporary art exhibitions, talks, and live performances with practicing artists in New Zealand and also from different parts of the world.

We are open to ideas for pop-up shows, progressive art-making, workshops, live performances and activities which adapt to set restrictions of time and exploring what time can achieve without mentioned restrictions - what would a show look like when we materialise duration and progression? How does matter react and respond to events that result in a re-defined sense of accumulation?

Each project is a contribution to an outcome, each outcome is a variable of a moment, each moment results in us perceiving the duration of an activity which co-exists and grows simultaneously through the show - as an individual work building upon itself resonating, self-generating, communicating between communities and individuals.