Still There, Reflecting Room in Shifting Ground

ARTWEEK 2017, Emily O'Hara, Lucy Meyle, Jemma Nissen, Anthony Cribb, Laura Marsh

'Shifting Ground' addresses the specific past of the Silo’s utility as being both made of concrete and a container of concrete. Concrete, an ancient and modern composite material, is activated in this project as a generative linguistic device in order to consider the possibility of the group exhibition as a gestalt form – where strength, flexibility, tension and reinforcement structure an unfolding dialogue.

'Shifting Ground' brings together a group of artists from AUT Visual Arts.

Still There, Reflecting Room explored water as an element capable of activating notions of both surface and depth. The still surface of a body of water provides reflection of self and/or surroundings. Look beyond the surface and a sense of depth or shallowness is revealed. This work aimed to move beyond the myth of Narcissus trapped by his own vanity, and instead invite speculations of an alternate realm.