There's Something You're Not Telling Me

Elliot Collins + Emily O'Hara, 2016

We tried to speak to each other about silence and absence. We tried to describe something ine able with language that failed us. We found there was only so much that we could, or would, share with each other. We circumnavigated ideas without ever speaking about them directly, trusting that within the concealment we would understand each other. is is where the idea of collaboration began.

Elliot created a space that houses silence. Emily pulled absence into existence. Memory Vessel/Silent Exchange was the genesis for this exploration. Ultimately a shared work, it emerged via a linear progression in which both artists retained autonomy over their aspect of the outcome while also agreeing to hand over the nished work to the ‘other’.

Emily invited Elliot to have a show in order to extend the practice beyond conversation and into silent communion. ere are two autonomous but parallel practices that nd common ground within converging interests in language, memory, ritual, silence, absence and that which is concealed. Outside of these shared core concerns, each artist also navigates other interests that elucidate radical di erence able to be seen through the individual elements present in this exhibition.

Opening event:
5pm, Tues 22nd November

ST Paul Street, Gallery III WB Building
63 Wellesley Street East Auckland

23 - 26 Nov: 10am - 6pm with daily performances